Annual Grant Cycle: July 15 – September 1

Our communities thrive with the hard work and dedication of nonprofit organizations. The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation helps nonprofits to carry out their important work by awarding them grants, creating community partnerships and educating donors about organizations that are most aligned with their charitable interests. The generosity of hundreds of donors help make these grants possible. Depending on the type of fund, grant recommendations and decisions are made by donors, advisory committees or the Community Foundation.

The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation looks for projects and programs where a moderate grant can significantly impact a community.

The Foundation supports projects that:

  • Significantly benefit the community for the resources invested
  • Are creative, innovative and address community needs
  • Eliminate duplication of services and encourage cooperation
  • Increase volunteer involvement and commitment to community needs
  • Leverage other resources

The Foundation will not grant for the following:

  • Organizations that have funds held at GRACF that don’t have their own 501(c)3 designation
  • Religious groups for religious purposes
  • Fundraising events or activities
  • Marketing (non-program) materials. Examples would be videos, brochures, advertising
  • Grants to individuals
  • Government agencies unless in collaboration with a 501(c)3 agency program request
  • Grants outside the Greater Itasca Area
  • Travel or conferences

In order to receive a grant from the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, you must be a nonprofit organization or have a charitable mission with a fiscal agent/sponsor who carries a valid 501(c)3 status. If you have questions, please call us at 218-999-9100.

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