After what seemed like a winter that just would not end, the City of Marble is planning a community-wide gathering to celebrate summer and promote family fun!  The Marble Days celebration is set to take place in August, and the Greenway Area Community Fund is pleased to award them a $1,000 grant to help support this event.


This fun-filled gathering will feature picnic-style food, and many children’s activities, such as a dunk tank, bouncy house, bicycle giveaways, and a sawdust pile full of coins for the kids to find.  The event is free for all attendees.  “The Celebration is funded mostly by donations, and a volunteer group coordinates all of the activities,” said Daidre Breen, Mayor of Marble.  “It’s a great way for residents to get to know each other and build community.  The kids get to participate in supervised and fun activities, and they have a blast.”


Casey Venema, Greenway Community Fund Chairman, stated, “Our Board members love giving back to our area non-profit organizations who participate in our granting cycle.  That’s really what it’s all about for us.  We enjoy offering financial support to projects that help instill pride in living and thriving in the Greenway cities and townships.  We especially hope the kids make some great memories here as they are growing up.”


For more information about the Greenway Area Community Fund or to make a donation, contact Venema at 218-259-2749 or mail a check (payable to GACF) to:  Greenway Area Community Fund, PO Box 966, Coleraine, MN 55722.  Online donations can be made at