Kids and Community Centers were the focus of the Nashwauk Area Community Fund’s (NACF) grant awards

The Buck Lake Improvement Club, The City of Keewatin, The Keewatin Police Department, The Nashwauk Public Library, and various organizations from the Nashwauk-Keewatin Schools were recently presented with checks totaling $21,500. As with many issues in the world today, COVID-19 had an effect on some of the requests. N-K Band director, Chad Snider stated that, of his 120 band students, “55% are free or reduced lunch eligible and roughly 50% of our students rely on the school to provide an instrument.” His goal was to provide students with more instruments and supplies to cut down on students having to share. He added, “Currently we have around 15 kids who share instruments.” Luke Adam, who is the faculty advisor for Spartan Angling, stated that his group was initially founded by funding from a DNR grant. “The funding for the class has been reduced due to a huge decline in local, charitable gambling funds. When bars and restaurants were limited for several months and companies took a financial hit it also hurt us because we rely heavily on donations.”

COVID-19 restrictions have also presented a challenge for the Nashwauk Public Library. For the time being, no one other than school or library personnel are allowed entry into the library. Materials need to be sanitized as they go out and especially as they return. Library Director, Julie Stolp, commented, “Funding or maintaining our media will directly affect our students and public patrons.” She added, “With the COVID pandemic keeping so many people at home, they are needing new materials to bring home for their entertainment and enjoyment.”

If you visit the NACF website ( and click on “What We Do,” their mission is fairly easily defined. Five items will pop up: WE SUPPORT SENIORS, WE SUPPORT STUDENTS, WE SUPPORT VETERANS, WE SUPPORT COMMUNITY, APPLY FOR A GRANT. For more information about the Nashwauk Area Community Fund or for assistance with other charitable needs, contact Chair, Robin Gangl, by calling 218-966-0915.