The Greater Itasca Area is home to a sizeable amount of individuals, businesses and organizations that are, at their core, philanthropists who want the best for the communities in this area.  Here at the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, we see the people, projects, programs, relationships and hard work that goes on every day to improve the quality of life in the Greater Itasca Area.  It is impressive.  The staff and board are here to ensure that these every-day philanthropists know that we see them, we’re with them and we’re here to help them achieve their goals.”

  Mindy Nuhring

Executive Director

Who We Are

Our staff and board are our greatest asset. They bring their own expertise, talents and viewpoints to helping individuals and organizations improve the quality of life in their community. The Foundation is based on generous citizens, a visionary Board of Directors, and dedicated staff and volunteers. All of these people enable the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation to continue to create charitable impact in this area.

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