Advisory Committee Members:

Linda Baker

Emily Benham

Amber Kongsjourd

Jim Peterson

Gwenn Smith

Jan Swanson

Our Deer River community is a special place with hard-working families who support each other. We value the special beauty of our lakes, rivers, and forests, and many in our area make their living from them.  This is “home” for us.

Annual earnings from our invested endowment will be available to fund local nonprofit and charitable needs for the benefit of our community.  The Deer River Area Community Fund Advisory Committee works together to provide grants for programs and activities throughout the communities served by the Deer River School District.

Please consider a gift to support the Deer River Area Community Fund.  Our children and their grandchildren will benefit from your generosity for years to come. We are happy to answer your questions about the benefits of a community endowment. Thank you for your gift to our Community!

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