Advisory Committee Members:

Grace Derfler

Sharon DeWitt

Kathleen Eklund

Tom Fasteland

Bill Flynn

Nick Halfmann

Janet Hatfield

Mark Herman

Adam Johnson

Michael Kearney

Dan Kingsley

Bill Klennert

David Lange

Anne Marcotte

Stephanie Payment

Jennifer Raushel

Our Hill City community is a special place with hard-working families who support each other.  We value the special beauty of our lakes, rivers and forests, and many in our area make their living from them.  This is “home” for us.  The areas served are Jacobson, Swatara, Palisade, Hill City and Spang Township.

The interest earned from the investment of the Hill City Area Community Fund will be available to improve all communities throughout the Hill City Area.  The Hill City Area Community Fund Advisory Committee, made up of local people, will determine how to allocate grant money.

Our Hill City Area Community Fund Advisory Committee members are intent on creating a legacy for the Hill City area. We hope you will consider a gift to support YOUR Hill City Area Community Fund.  Our children and their grandchildren will benefit from your generosity for years to come.

If you are a nonprofit or community organization in the Hill City Area, you can apply for a grant from the Hill City Area Community Fund by contacting one of the committee members on the left, who meet six times per year.  You can also contact us here at the Community Foundation and we will put you in touch with a Hill City Area Community Fund advisor.

We are happy to answer your questions about the benefits of a community endowment.

Thank you for your gift to our Community!

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