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The Foundation was formed in 1992 as the Big Sandy Lake Foundation. In 2016, the Foundation’s name was changed to the McGregor Lakes Area Foundation to reflect the Foundation’s mission of supporting community-wide organizations. The McGregor Lakes Area Foundation is an affiliate of the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation.  By partnering with the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, we are investing for the future of the McGregor Lakes Area.  The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation provides technical support and resources – such as the ability for online grant applications, back-office support, investment and accounting professionals, and many other resources that allows McGregor Lakes Area Foundation to concentrate on our local people and local area.

We have two funds with the Community Foundation. One is endowed, and the other is nonendowed. The nonendowed fund allows us easy access to a small amount of operating funds. The endowment is designed for long-term investment and growth for the McGregor Lakes Area.

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As a donor, you select the type of fund that best matches your charitable goals. You can either provide a gift to an existing fund or you can establish a new fund to help you achieve your philanthropic goals and to leave a personal legacy.