Advisory Committee Members:

Gary Anderson

Katie Nelson

Curtis Sparks

The McGregor lakes area of Minnesota is a natural wonder and historic place. It is a large area that encompasses many lakes and rivers, trails and forests and is geographically similar to the McGregor School District with boundaries of Jacobson (N), Wright (E), McGrath (S) and Hwy 169 (W).  Friendly people, caring organizations, and growing businesses make this area a special community today.

The McGregor Lakes Area Foundation seeks to further enrich the quality of life in this community by providing resources through grants for:  community needs, the sustainability and stewardship of the environment, and the development of an endowment fund for support that can last forever.  Over the years since its 1992 origination, the Foundation, has provided over $95,000 in support to the community in addition to building its endowed fund.

If you are a nonprofit or community organization in the McGregor Lakes Area, you can apply for a grant from the McGregor Lakes Area Foundation by clicking the buttons below.

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