During the last grant cycle, the Greenway Area Community Fund (GACF) awarded a $3,000 grant to the Greenway Joint Rec. Association. These funds were used to purchase a quality sound system that was used this past season at the Jen Guyer Field in Bovey.


The Greenway Joint Rec. Association maintains the Greenway Sports Complex, which includes the Jen Guyer Field, the Windorski Field, and the larger ball field, along with the concession stand and maintenance building that are located on the property.


According to Pat Guyer, Director and Facilities Manager of the Rec. Association, “More than 75 games are played at the Jen Guyer Field during the spring and summer. Well over 300 players (boys and girls 7-18 years old), from our district alone, participate in these games. This sound system is an incredible addition to an already great facility!”


Bob Lawson, Greenway Community Fund Board member, added, “This new sound system will certainly have a positive impact on many people who either play on the field or visit the complex as a spectator to cheer on their favorite team. The GACF is happy to be able to offer support for this wonderful project!”


If you’d like more information about the Greenway Area Community Fund or would like to make a donation, contact Casey Venema, Board Chair, at 218-259-2749 or mail a check (payable to GACF) to:  Greenway Area Community Fund, PO Box 966, Coleraine, MN 55722. Online donations can be made at https://www.greenwayareacommunityfund.com/give-today.