After this last year it finally feels that we can see that there are brighter days ahead.  Nonprofit organizations in the area, however, are still feeling the impact of COVID-19 and will continue to feel those effects for some time.  That is why is presenting another spring online giving event for nonprofits and schools in Minnesota from May 1-11. Last spring, $5.2 million was raised in the opening days of the pandemic.  This fundraising event is geared to help nonprofit organizations and schools plan for what happens next, continue to move through this crisis or to simply re-open their doors.

The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation has funds for many nonprofits that may need your help.  Go to our website and click on Donate, Types of Funds, Current Funds and Donate Now.  You will be directed to a page where you can search for a nonprofit or fund or you can click on Show All Funds.  You can also donate to local nonprofits directly through their website or through